Stop telling product managers to be scientists!

12:19 PM

"Be a scientist" This is the new phrase that I have been listening for the last year. Most of the time when talking about how to be a good product owner or product manager.  I just can not describe how much I hate this.

I don't like this but not because it is wrong, I agree that we should be doing more tests following the scientific method, we should experiment and analyze. But why do we have to say we have to be a scientist?.

Let's be honest, when you think about a scientist, who do think about? maybe Einstein? Marie Curie? We are talking big here. People that spent their life researching and investigating.  People that deserve our respect.  I think they deserve the word scientist for them and not to be used in every presentation about "being a better PM". But well, maybe this is something that "sells" and if people buy it, who am I to say that we should stop doing. :-)

Have a nice day!