Scrum changed and was updated, update your content!

8:32 PM

Dont you hate when you visist a blog,  read something, learn it and then you realize that the content is outdated!. It happens really often.  Learning old things!.  Scrum is a great example.  Most of the books out there have old information. Scrum changed on 2013 and removed many points from the first version and add some other interesting points. At that time we had already thousand of pages and videos with old versions and few of them change their content. 

Enough of complaining, here are the updates from Scrum and a link to the scrum guide. You can learn more from it.

Updates since 2013

Burndown chart removed from Scrum
No more use of word commitment but forecast
Use a sprint goal in all iterations.
The summary of work during the stand up should be only for that goal.
No more chicken and pigs methaphor
No more prioritized backlog, but ordered
New ways of defining done

Scrum guide can be downloaded from